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I.Phonetics(5 points)

Directions:In each of the following groups of words, there are four underlined letters or letter combinations marked A, B, C and D. Compare the underlined parts and identify the one that is different from the others in pronunciation.Mark your answer by blackening the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.

1. A.vital

B. silent

C. collide

D. Fierce


2. A.taught

B. caught

C. laugh

D. Fault


3. A.reception

B. receipt

C. capture

D. Concept


4. A. boom

B. goose

C. flood

D. Gloom


5. A. finger

B. singer

C. hanger

D. Ringer


. Vocabulary and Structure(15 points)

Directions.. There are 15 incomplete sentences in this

section. For each sentence there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose one answer that best completes the sentence and blacken the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.

6. As a child I used to wash my parents' car to earn some__ money.

A. paper

B. easy

C. private

D. Pocket


7. After the busy day I've had, I need a __ drink.

A. heavy

B. sharp

C. Strong

D. Powerful


8. If you__ stayed at home, this would never have


A. Have

B. Had

C. will have

D. would have


9. --How much did this set of furniture cost?

--I forgot __

A. how much it costs

B. how much did it cost

C. how much it cost

D. how much does it cost


10. We had a long way to go so we decided to __


A. set on

B. put on

C. set off

D. put off


11. __ it is not his responsibility to do that,he said he would help.

A. Although

B. As

C. Since

D. Unless


12. One of the strongest hurricanes __ was the Florida Keys Storm of 1935, during which 500 people were killed.

A. to record

B. recorded

C. recording

D. being recorded


13. Ms. Jolie is beautiful and very talented, and in control of her own career.

A. basically

B. remarkably

C. perfectly

D. Actively


14. When John left the office, Amy __ at her desk.

A. is still working

B. has still worked

C. had still working

D. was still working


15. You should learn through failures. Why don't you __ your plan or try a new approach?

A. adjust

B. repeat

C. accept

D. Refuse


16. The carpet has so many stains on it that it needs

A. replace

B. to replace

C. being replaced

D. to be replaced


17. I sent him the package yesterday. He __ it by now.

A. might have received

B. received

C. will receive

D. Receives


18. Is this the factory __ you visited the other day?

A. what

B. where

C. That

D. When


19. To make the fish__ nice, she put in some sugar and wine vinegar.

A. taste

B. to taste

C. tasted

D. Tasting


20. My daughter runs faster than__ in her class. She runs the fastest.

A. a boy

B. any boy

C. some boys

D. most boys


. Cloze(30 points)

Directions:For each blank in the following passage, there are four choices marked A,B,C and D. Choose the one tha is most suitable and mark your answer by blackening the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.

Insomnia, or "poor sleep", can have bad effects on a person's health and general well-being. It can 21on both our physical and mental health and can lead to other health22

Insomnia can be traced to many different reasons,but what is 23 to ninny sufferers is their inability to relax fully and "switch the mind 24Constant thoughts,25 around and around in the mind, moving from one 26 to the next, prevent stillness and peace and 27 a sufferer extremely tired.

In order to treat insomnia 28, it is first

necessary to allow a sufferer to re-experience 29 real

relaxation feel like.Its almost as though they've forgotten how to relax. Once this has been 30 by the brain, then fast and effective 31 can be made to reeducate the unconscious towards allowing the person to relax 32 and to allow a natural state of sleep


Hypnotherapy(Ʒ) is one of the fastest and

most effective ways of 34 this goal for long-lasting results.

Sleeping pills, if used at all, should only be a short-term35as their effect is soon reduced and their side effects can be deep and far-reaching.

21. A. harm

B. affect

C. change

D. Impact


22. A. demands

B. concerns

C. Reasons

D. Questions


23. A. interesting

B. same

C. common

D. Alike


24. A. on

B. off

C. up

D. Down


25. A.getting





26. A. image

B. dream

C. concept

D. Thought







28.A carefully

B easily




29.A if





30.A remembered

B pulled









32.A fully

B recently











C keeping








.Reading Comprehension(60 points)

DirectionsThere are five reading passages in this part.Each passage is followed by four questions.For each question there are four suggested answers marked ABC and I Choose the best answer and blacken the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.

Passage One

Alexia Sloanea l0һyear-old girllost her sight when she was two following a brain disease But despite her disability she has excelled at languages and is already fluent in EnglishFrenchSpanish and Chineseand is learning German.

Now she has experienced her dream job of working

as an interpreter after East of England MEP(ŷԱ)

Robert Sturdy invited her to the parliament building in Brusselsthus becoming the youngest interpreter to work at the European Parliament.

She was given a special permit to get into the

buildin9where there is usually a minimum age requirement of l4.and sat in a booth listening and

interpretin9said her motherIsabelle.The other

interpreters were amazed at how well she did as the

debate was quite complicated and many of the words

were rather technical.

Alexia has been tri-lingual since birth as her

mothera teacheris half French and half Spanishwhile her fatherRichardis English.She started talking and communicating in all three languages before she lost her sight but adapted quickly to her blindness.By the age of fourshe was reading and writing in Braille(ä).When she was sixAlexia began to learn Chinese.The girl is now learning German at school in Cambridge.

Alexia has been longing to be an interpreter since

she was six and she chose to go to the European Parliament as her prize when she won a young achiever

of the year award.She asked if she could shadow interpreters and Mr.Sturdy agreed to take her along as his guest.

Alexia worked with the head of interpreting and had

a real taste of lire in parliament.It was fantastic and lm absolutely determined now to become an interpretershe said

36.What does the passage tell about Alexia Sloane?

A.She is very proud of her parents.

B She has learned five foreign languages.

C.She is a quick learner of languages.

D. She has difficulties with language learning.


37. Why did Alexia need special permission to enter the

parliament building?

A. She was not in a state of good health.

B. She could not afford the admission fees.

C. She did not meet the age requirement.

D. She did not have an adult to accompany her.


38. What did Alexia want to do after she got the award?

A. To travel to other European countries.

B. To visit the European Parliament.

C. To apply for a position in the government.

D. To study German at Cambridge University.


39. The tone of the passage can be best described


A. Critical

B. admiring

C. Understanding

D. Doubtful


Passage Two

Generations of Americans have been brought up to

believe that a good breakfast is essential to one's life. Eating breakfast at the start of the day, we have been

told,and told again, is as necessary as putting gasoline in the family car before starting a trip. But for many people, the thought of food as the first thing in the morning is never a pleasure So despite all the efforts,they still take no breakfast.

Between 1977 and 1983, the latest year for which figures could be obtained, the number of people who didn't have breakfast increased by 33%from 8.8 million to 11.7 million--according to the Chicago-based Market Research Corporation of America. For those who dislike eating breakfast, however, there is some good news.

Several studies in the last few years have shown

that,for adults especially, there may be nothing wrong with omitting breakfast. "Going without breakfast does

not affect work,"said Arnold E.Bender, former professor of nutrition at Queen Elizabeth College in London, "nor does giving people breakfast improve work. " Scientific evidence linking breakfast to better health or better work is surprisingly inadequate() ,and most of the recent work involves children, not adults. "The literature," says one researcher, Dr. Earnest Polite at the University of Texas, "is poor."

40. Which of these is mentioned in the second paragraph?

A. The number of the people who skip breakfast has


B. Many people fill their cars with gasoline in the


C.8.8 million people got involved in a study on

eating habits.

D. A company carried out a research in 1983.


41. Which is closest in meaning to the underlined part?

A. Having breakfast does not improve work, either.

B. Giving people breakfast improves work.

C. Going without breakfast can improve work, too.

D. Having breakfast does improve work.


42. What does the word "literature" in the last sentence

refer to?

A. Modem American literature.

B. Any printed materials.

C. Written works on a subject.

D. Stories, poems and plays.


43. Which of the following statements best summarizes the writer's conclusion about the function of breakfast?

A. Omitting breakfast helps improve work.

B. Eating breakfast is absolutely necessary.

C. Scientists have produced sufficient evidence in support of breakfast.

D. There isn't strong evidence to prove that breakfast

is a must.


Passage Three

When you stretch out in the sun you can do one

of the three things: you can use no sun tan oil, an

ordinary sun tan oil; or Bergasol.

If you don't use any sun tan oil when you're in

the sun, you will burn surprisingly quickly. If you use

an ordinary sun tan oil, you will protect your skin to a lesser or greater degree.How much protection depends on the "protection-factor number" on the bottle. Some oils block out so many of the sun's rays and you can stay in the sun all day without burning but you won't go very brown,either.

Bergasol will protect your skin like an ordinary

sun tan oil. It also has a tan accelerator that speeds up the rate at which the sun activates the skin cells that produce melanin(ɫ). It is melanin that gives the skin its brown colour. Bergasol enables you to go

brown faster,am as the days pass the difference will become more obvious.Unfortunately, this special formulation isn't Cheap to prepare.So Bergasol is rather more expensive than ordinary sun tan oil. However, the price looks more attractive as you do.


It makes you go brown faster

Protection Many people imagine that "cover-up" means you don't get a tan. Nothing to show for your holiday.

Not so. With "cover-up", you can get brown if

you want to. The point of "cover-up" is to protect

your skin from the harmful rays of the sun which,

according to the experts ,make your skin look older.

That's what Solex Cover-up is all about--protection for your skin. It has a Sun Protection Factor 8, which makes it suitable for anyone. Find out how it works for you by consulting the Solex Sun Chart. On sale wherever Solex is. With Solex Cover-up, you can tan as slowly as you like. As gently as you like. And with much less

chance of peeling. Your tan will look better. Your

skin will stay young longer.


Gentle tan.., full protection

44. What can we learn from the second advertisement?

A. It is easy to get a suntan in summer.

B. Suntan is regarded as a sign of protection.

C. Sunlight could make one look older.

D. Everyone wants to get a suntan from holiday.


45. Why is Solex suitable for everyone?

A. Its price is more attractive.

B. It can be used to relieve sunburn.

C. It can make the skin cells more active.

D. It has a mild protection factor.


46. Compared with Solex, Bergasol__

A. helps one go brown more quickly

B. better protects one's skin

C. is more competitive in price

D. is a better sun tan oil


47. What is the most attractive feature of Solex Cover-up?

A. It helps one get a more beautiful tan.

B. It is often on sale in supermarkets.

C. It blocks out more sun's rays than other oils.

D. It helps one tan gradually and gently.


Passage Four

Ideas about polite behaviour differ from one culture to another.Some societies, such as America and

Australia,for example, are mobile and very open. People

here change jobs and move house quite often. As a m result, they have a lot of relationships that often last only ma short time, and they need to get to know people quickly. So it's normal to have friendly conversations with people that they have just met, and you can talk about things that other cultures would regard as


On the other hand, there are more crowded and less

mobile societies where long-term relationships are more important. A Malaysian or Mexican business person, for example,will want to get to know you very well before he or she feels happy to start business. But when you do get to know each other, the relationship becomes much deeper than it would in a mobile society.

To Americans, both Europeans and Asians seem cool and formal at first. On the other hand, as a passenger from a less mobile society puts it, it's no fun spending several hours next to a stranger who wants to tell you all about his or her life and asks you all sorts of

questions that you don't want to answer.

Cross-cultural differences aren't just a problem for travelers, but also for people in daily life. Some societies have " universalist'' cultures. These societies strongly respect rules, and they treat every person and situation in basically the same way. "Particularist" ( ǿԵ)societies also have rules, but they are less important than the society's unwritten ideas about what is right or wrong for a particular situation or a particular person. So the normal rules are changed to fit the needs of the situation or the importance of the person.

48. What can be learned from Paragraph 1?

A. People from a mobile society dislike talking about

personal affairs.

B. Short-term relationships are common in a mobile


C. Americans tend to make more friends than people

from other cultures.

D. It is difficult for Americans and Australians to

communicate with strangers.


49. Who do Malaysians prefer to start business with according to the passage?

A. Those who talk a lot about themselves.

B. Those who they know well enough.

C. Those who enjoy talking with strangers.

D. Those who want to do business with them.


50. Which of the following is true about the rules in "particularist" societies?

A. They change to fit different situations.

B. People respect and obey them completely.

C. They don't exist.

D. No one obeys them.


51. What is the main idea of this passage?

A. Polite behaviour varies with different cultures.

B. Less mobile societies have fewer rules.

C. People from mobile societies are more polite.

D. Cultural differences are important.


Passage Five

Claude-Oscar Monet ( 1840 -- 1926 ) was a French

artist and a leading member of the Impressionist group of painters. Born in Paris, Monet spent his childhood in Le Havre. There he met a local artist, Eugene Boudin. Who encouraged him to become a landscape painter.

In 1859, Monet went to Paris to study at the

Academie Suisse. Between 1860 and 1862, Monet served in the army in Algeria ( ). He returned to Paris where he met most of the major artists of the era. In 1870, Monet married Camille Doncieux. To escape the Franco-Prnssian war,they moved to London Back to

France, they settled at Argenteuil, a boating centre on the Seine (ɺ ) which drew many other Impressionist painters. Working from nature was a particular symbol of the Impressionist movement, and one that Monet valued, reflecting in his paintings the ever-changing impact of light and weather conditions.

In 1872,he visited Le Havre where he painted "An Impression,Sunrise". When exhibited in 1874, part of its title was used by a critic to label the whole movement "Impressionism".

Monet's wife died in 1879,and he set up home with

Alice Hoschede, the wife of one of his most important

sponsors. During the 1880s, Monet traveled through France painting a variety of landscapes. He gradually

became better known and for the last 30 years of his life he was regarded as the greatest of the Impressionists.

From 1890 he began to paint a series (ϵ ) of

pictures of one subject, including "Haystacks" "Rouen

Cathedral" and "Waterlilies". The latter were painted in the fine garden Monet created at his house at Giverny, where he lived from 1883 on. He painted them over and

over again,most significantly in a series especially for a museum in Paris.

52. Monet was introduced to art

A. by an artist in his childhood

B. by his father in Le Havre

C. during his short stay in Algeria

D. during his visit to Paris


53. Which of the following is true according to the


A. Impressionism was born in London.

B. Monet was one of the sponsors of Impression

C. Argenteuil was the birthplace of many impressionists

D. Impressionist paintings are mainly based on nature


54. What is said about the painting "An Impression,


A. It established Monet's fame as an artist for the

first time.

B. It invited a lot of strong criticism from the public.

C. It was painted by Monet and Eugene Boudin.

D. It was the origin of the name "Impressionism".


55. What do we know about Monet's life since 18907

A. He painted only for a museum in Paris.

B. He devoted himself to traveling overseas.

C. He was influenced by Alice in his painting style.

D. He focused on paintings of a particular theme.


V. Daffy Conversation(15 points)

Directions:Pick out appropriate expressions from the eight choices below and complete the following dialogue by blackening the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.

Lisa:Well, honey, how did you like the opera?

Henry 56 ?

Lisa: Of course.

Henry:To tell the truth, I was bored to death. What a

ridiculous art form! 57

Lisa:Hum! 58 ? It was beautiful. And you just saw

one of my favourite operas.

Henry: 59 ,dear. I know you like opera, but it just

isn't for me. I'd rather read a novel or watch a movie.

Lisa=But you don't know how to appreciate opera.60

Henry=OK,what you're saying may be true.






. Writing(25 points)

Directions: For this part, you are supposed to write an essay in English in 100120 words based on the following information. Remember to write it clearly.

61.(Li Yuan)ǰ೤׼ĩ֯ȫͬѧι

ʷ(the Museum of History)








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